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About CorrPRO

Corr Pro is brought to you by Corr Optical, offering the complete solution to all your employees’ eyewear requirements, from specialist lenses and designer frames to Ireland’s first independent collection of certified prescription safety eyewear.



Frame Material

CP001 Burgundy.jpg

TR90 Frames

TR90 was produced using Swiss technology as a thermoplastic material that is durable, flexible, lightweight and comfortable. TR90 frames are flexible, they bend under pressure and contour to the face comfortably.

Metal Frames

CorrPRO have designed a number of Metal frames with side shields in the collection to give a variety of fitting options and for its durability, lightness and comfort.


Lens Material

Polycarbonate Lens 

EN 166:2002 F 

CorrPRO Polycarbonate lenses can withstand impacts far greater than other more commonly used plastics and they internally transmit light as effectively as CR39. Polycarbonate lens also block 100% of the Sun’s UV rays making them a great choice for outdoor work. 

CR39 Material 

EN 166:2002 S 

CorrPRO use CR39 lenses because of increased robustness and lightness. It provides excellent optical quality and can be easily tinted. 

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Corr Lifestyle images-3191.jpg

Trivex Material 

EN 166:2002 F 

Trivex is more impact resistant than CR39 making it a good choice for safety glasses. Like polycarbonate material, Trivex lenses block 100% of the suns UV rays and weigh 10% less. They can offer sharp optical clarity due to their higher Abbe value.

Hi index 1.67 Material 

EN 166:2002 S 

A high index 1.67 lens allows people with stronger prescriptions to wear a lenses that are thinner and light weight, thus ensuring cosmetic appeal and comfort for the wearer. 


EN 166:2002 S 

In addition to our full range of single vision, bifocal, occupational and varifocal lenses CorrPRO also offer a large range of options suitable to the office environment where VDU screen usage is high. Quartz BST (Blue Shield Technology) filters out harmful UV & high energy Blue light from digital screens and devices. 


CorrPRO Quartz Hard Coat 

All CorrPRO frames come with scratch resistant lens coating as standard providing increased durability and longevity. 

CorrPRO Quartz HMC

In addition to scratch resistant protection our Hard Multi Coat prevents reflections to ensure bright clear vision. 

CorrPRO Quartz Crystalline UV 

This coating technology makes the lenses easier to clean, blocks 100% UV light, reflects bad glare, prevents smudges and offers the best scratch resistance. 

CorrPRO Quartz Crystalline UV 

Blue Block

In addition to all of the above Crystalline UV Blue 

Block cuts out harmful blue light and maintains clear vision through the lens. 

CorrPro AF-4.jpg

CorrPRO Quartz UFR

(Ultra Fog Resistant)* 

EN 166:2002 N 

UFR incorporated with our Quartz Hard Coat scratch resistant coating prevents condensation of water in the form of small droplets appearing on a surface of the lens causing the lenses to mist up. 

*UFR is certified to the best industry standards EN 166:2002 N markings. 

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